Echoes of Eternity: Boethius and the Pursuit of Timeless Truths
Embark on a profound exploration of Boethius's enduring philosophical legacy. This course invites participants to immerse themselves in key sections of Boethius's major works, including the Consolation of Philosophy, the De Hebdomadibus and his translation of the Isagoge. As we journey through these texts, we will unravel Boethius's profound influence on philosophy, especially during the Middle Ages, and contemplate the timeless truths embedded in his reflections on wisdom, reality, and the counsel provided by philosophy. Investigate Boethius's exploration of wisdom and reality, and seek to comprehend the enduring relevance of his insights. Delve into Boethius's conception of eternity and its implications for our understanding of time, existence, and the pursuit of truth. We will foster a collaborative learning environment through interactive discussions, encouraging participants to articulate their perspectives on Boethius's ideas. We will develop critical thinking skills by analyzing primary texts, secondary sources, and scholarly interpretations of Boethius's works. By tracing Boethius's impact on the broader landscape of philosophy, we will unravel the threads that connect his ideas to the evolution of Western thought. Finally, we will explore Boethius's profound influence on medieval philosophy, theology, and education, examining his enduring legacy.

Term: February 20 – March 26
Time: Tuesdays, 5 – 7 pm ET
Credit Hours: Elective | 1 credit
InstructorDr. Jan Bentz